BSCH, Portable Shaker Bottle with Tornado Action - 16 oz. (450 ml)

BSCH, Portable Shaker Bottle with Tornado Action - 16 oz. (450 ml)
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  • Self-stirring Travel Mug
  • Portable, Durable, Stainless Steel and Acrylic
  • Powered by 9000rpm Motor. 
  • Push Button Tornado Stirring Action
  • Great for Diet Drinks, Sports Drinks, Coffee and More
  • Need 2 AAA Batteries (batteries not included)
  • Water Proof Battery Compartment
  • Spill Proof Lid
  • BPA Free and Eco-Friendly
  • Dimensions: 3.125 in. x 3 in. x 8.325 in.
  • Not just a Powerful Blender but, a 450ml/16oz Drinks and Water Bottle. 
  • Move Towards the Recommended 75 to 150 Ounces of Water Per Day. 

Your days of drinking clumpy protein and shaking cups up and down are over. It tears through the thickest powders with ease. 

This is the perfect mixer for bringing to the gym. Its size makes it portable yet still has the power to mix all of your supplements. Its portability allows you to enjoy your shakes right after your workout. Best part is now you don't have to dread the clumps of protein powder in your post workout shakes. Great for athlete’s pre and post workout nutrition. Mixing instantly increases nutrient absorption

This Portable Mixer is powered by 9000rpm motor and will instantly make your life easier The Stainless Steel and BPA Free bottle is durable and will turbo mix juices, energy powder drinks, baby formula, cocktails, juices, eggs and much more in minutes. Portable size, taking your blender to any sporting event, the gym or anywhere, making travel easy and effortless. The 16oz bottle works as a mixer and a water bottle with a tight fit lid and convenient snap-shut cap. 



Suggested Use:
Simple One Button Push and the "TORNADO ACTION" quickly start to mix ingredients, then add more. Simple, basic design is the best. The Portable Mixer is that: decrease mix time, increase absorption of nutritional powers. Mix baby formulas and food from scratch. Make fun mixed cocktails or make the best-scrambled eggs ever! Great mixer for energy drink powders, cocktails & juices, baby formula, eggs and much more

Warm water preferred.Very hot or boiled water not recommended. 
Open the cap on the top of bottle to let the air out while mixing the powder.
Not Dishwasher Safe!Hand wash only!!!
Pls take rechargeable base apart from the bottle while hand washing. 


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