Etekcity, Lightweight Large Burner Stove, Butane and Propane Canisters

Etekcity, Lightweight Large Burner Stove, Butane and Propane Canisters
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  • Large Burner for perfect for frying pans
  • Compact, lightweight
  • Breaks down for storage, includes case
  • Sturdy and large work area

This is an excellent larger burner stove, yet still compact! This stove uses iso-butane/propane canisters, one is pictured for reference but no fuel is included. Ultralight, SIMPLE, backpacking camp stove. If you like doing more than boiling water this is the stove for you. This stove is great because it still works on the small disposable gas canisters your other lightweight stoves work on, but has a nice large work area and burner for frying pans and larger pots. The base and stem of the stove unscrew and it all fits nicely into the nylon storage bag. These stoves wok with any screw top Iso-butane / propane canisters, available just about anywhere, MSR, coleman, Kovea, snow peak, camping gaz, etc.

This stoves arms measure an impressive 7" x 7" that you just won't find in other lightweight stoves! Stove weighs 7.9 ounces in the case.This stove will also simmer. It has a fully adjustable flame! This really is an impressive stove. These would make great primary stoves, back up stoves, emergency, spares, Boy Scout troops etc etc endless possibilities, and the price is right! This stove does not work with the 1lb disposable propane cylinders 

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