Evolution Fresh, Organic Strawberry Lemonade - 15.2 oz (450 ml)

Evolution Fresh, Organic Strawberry Lemonade - 15.2 oz (450 ml)
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  • Features one of each of our original recipes per day (shown)
  • These juices contain both an abundance of nutrients and moderate sugar content
  • 100% live blend raw juice with no additives of preservatives of any kind
  • Cold-pressed, filtered, bottled and flash frozen to ensure quality and freshness (No-HPP)
  • Our ingredients are locally sourced as possible from Pennsylvania Dutch Country farms

We believe in following natures lead, not taking credit for whats been perfected, we just make perfect a little easier to get. We search for our favorite fruits and vegetables and rush them to our juicery where we peel, press and squeeze them to bring you juice thats both delicious and alive with nutrition. A refreshing lemonade pairing sweet strawberries with tart lemon for a cool treat. Good source of vitamin C. We squeeze organic lemons and blend with organic strawberry puree, filtered water and organic cane sugar. Then we bottle and High Pressure Processes to help protect its tart flavor.

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Suggested Use:
Shake well before opening.
Do not purchase unless cap and neckband are intact.

Filtered Water, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Strawberry Puree, Organic Cane Sugar.

Perishable. Keep refrigerated.