MaxLife, i-Max®, Y-Bar Feminine Hygiene Soap for Protecting pH 5.5 - 100 g

MaxLife, i-Max®, Y-Bar Feminine Hygiene Soap for Protecting pH 5.5 - 100 g
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  • Cleans and condition your pubic hair and skins simultaneously with it’s essential   minerals and optimal pH level
  • Stimulate Pubic Hair Regrowth
  • Stop Thinning Pubic Hair
  • Prevent Pubic Hair Loss
  • Prevent Pubic Hair Dryness
  • Strengthen Pubic Hair and and their Follicles
  • Minimize Pubic Hair Breakage

It is recommended to use this when you use I Max Y Cream for the best results to protect the hair from loss or being thinned. You will enjoy your own natural denser and darker and healthier hair within a few months without undergoing hair transplant surgery. It is also good for vulva and vagina hygiene.

Restores skin to its normal, healthy pH level while tightening the pores.
Free of preservative, alcohol, artificial fragrance and coloring agent.



Wet sensitive area, then apply with the soap lather gently and evenly in a circular motion using fingers, sponge or wash cloth. For best results, allow lather to penetrate your skin for 60-90 seconds rinsing off with water.  Daily use will result in balanced, healthier looking pubic hair.
Silicon dioxide, Calcium oxide, Aluminum oxide, Magnesium oxide, Iron (III) oxide, Sodium oxide, Potassium oxide, Titanium oxide, Sulfur trioxide, Phosphorus pentoxide, Chloride, Bromide, Potassium lauryl sulphate, Sodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, Cetearyl alclhol, Corn starch, Sodium chloride, Glyceryl stearate, Phosphoric acid, Titanium dioxide, Triclosan,Triclocaban and Aroma fragrance.


Store in a coold and dry place, away from light. Keep away from the children.