Nuun Hydration, Electrolyte + Caffeine Drink Tablets, Fresh Lime - 8 Tubes (1 Box)

Nuun Hydration, Electrolyte + Caffeine Drink Tablets, Fresh Lime - 8 Tubes (1 Box)
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  • Nuun Turns Water into a Refreshing Sports Hydration Drink Without Sugar 

Nuun Active Hydration Citrus Fruit drink tabs are portable, taste great, and deliver a fast-absorbing electrolyte blend without the sugar or waste of bottled sport drinks. 

The electrolytes that your body needs: Each tube of Nuun contains 12 tablets. Each tablet makes 16 oz. of Nuun, and delivers 360 mg Sodium / 100 mg Potassium / 25 mg Magnesium / 13 mg Calcium.




Suggested Use:
Add a tab to 16 oz (~500 ml) of water, wait a little bit, and drink. Your water, your way
Other Ingredients:
Citric acid, sorbitol, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate, natural flavors, magnesium sulfate, sodium benzoate, polyethylene glycol, ascorbic acid, acesulfame potassium, calcium carbonate, beet root, riboflavin-5-phosphate.
Use only if cap seal is unbroken
Store below 25c/80F

The Best!!! | YKY293 3/21/2017

Love these. Used to enjoy gatorade until I had this. I'm hooked for life. I run, lift weights, CrossFit, rock climb, hike, backpack (and more). This stuff is amazing. Lemon-Lime is my favorite. Some of the other flavors have been pretty gross

수분을 유지하는 훌륭한 방법 | LNL735 12/1/2016

아주 낮은 칼로리와 맛이 정말 좋으네요. 수분을 유지하는 훌륭한 방법인것 같아요…

I love this energy | BXV315 10/6/2016

you just reminded me I need to order more. I love this energy drink

제일 좋은 에너지 보충제… | IYG238 8/27/2016

저는 좀 나이가 든 서퍼, 카약, SUP 레이서, 자전거 라이더 운동 / 모험 전문가입니다. 내가 사용한 최고의 에너지 보충제입니다.