BBM, Dream Belt – Maternity Sleep Support & Cushion for Ultimate Comfort during Pregnancy

BBM, Dream Belt – Maternity Sleep Support & Cushion for Ultimate Comfort during Pregnancy
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  • PREGNANT WOMEN'S BEST SECRET TO SLEEP COMFORTABLY: It fills the gap between the hips and the mattress while sleeping on the side position to give mom-to-be a peaceful and restful night's sleep
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT: 2 memory supports provide optimum comfort. Front elastic panel supports the bump firmly. For extra comfort, combine it with the Mom and b Maternity Pillow (sold separately)
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE FOR A PERFECT FIT: Thanks to a hook and loop system and its soft and stretchy cotton fabric, the Dream Belt always stays in place and adjusts for each stage of pregnancy
  • SOFT TO THE TOUCH: The Dream Belt soft breathable cotton fabric is comfortable to wear against the skin or over you favorite pajamas
  • EASY TO WASH: Removable cover can be machine-washed in cold or warm water

The Dream belt makes life more comfortable for moms-to-be while they sleep. This ergonomic belt has been designed to adapt to every stage of your pregnancy. It will not shift while sleeping. Design made of soft, stretchy fabric, which supports your bump, and two memory foam supports conform to your body. This support allows you to find a nice, comfy position in bed so you can fall asleep and stay asleep. When teamed up with the mum &- B maternity pillow, you will have the perfect combination for greater comfort and restfulness. The changing body shape of expectant moms causes pregnancy-related discomfort while sleeping, back ache, restless sleep.

As part of the BABYMOOV Live Open Innovation process, we have listened to moms and developed a brand new range of unique products to ease their aches and pains and bring them well-being and tranquility: 9 months of B. To satisfy the specific needs of moms-to-be, we have also worked in consultation with the HealthCare professionals who know them best: midwives and doctors. Their professional approval, at each stage of development, has helped us to devise truly innovative solutions that are offered with this new range. BABYMOOV is committed to offering safe, quality products, all certified by independent laboratories. Babymoon's lifetime warranty on all its products vouches for this.

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Why you will love the Dream Belt

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Created with moms and midwives

The Dream Belt was designed with pregnant women and midwives to create a unique and patented solution to pregnancy sleeping

Designed to fit most body shapes

With its Velcro fastening system and unique design, the Dream Belt is perfect for all expectant moms' body shapes, whatever their stage of pregnancy

Ultimate comfort while you sleep

2 sided support made of memory foam allow for optimum comfort while sleeping or laying down. They fill the gap between the mattress and the belly, allowing you to sleep comfortably even on your side!

Ergonomic design

With a super soft and stretchy central section in cotton jersey, the belt fits perfectly around the expectant mom's bump and stays in position all night long.