1.  At shopping mall, your introducer’s Referral ID (Material party’s referral code) needs to be inputted to create your (new member) account. In the membership, there is general membership and prime membership. To be upgraded from general membership to prime membership, you will need to click shopping mall’s top right side of “Become a Prime Member” menu button and purchase one of prime products. 

2. When registering, please accurately fill in your personal information of your email, password, correct name, address, mailing address, phone number, SSN and etc.  In the shipping form, name field must use the language of the destination country. 

3. To upgrade to a prime member, you can purchase more than $ 79.99, or purchase one or more items along with happy zone product(s) in Hubutu.

The conditions for maintaining prime membership are very simple. If you purchase one or more products in a shopping mall within a month of the last purchase date* or if a newly introduced member becomes a prime member at the time of account creation, you retain one month of prime membership.

* The 1st payment of Buying Service is also accepted as purchase.

When the upgrade process is completed, congratulatory message will be sent via email to the applicant, can immediately use personal website with subdomain. (example:  www.hubutu.com/johndoe). 

Prime members can get following 7 benefits:

  1. Real-time RP Bonus paid to the sponsor as the RP number shown on the SKU of the product (eg: H_ZONE_IMAX_BETA_RP7_7480, PRIME_HC_BIOMEN_RP35_9711)
  2. Provide 3% Loyalty Points for every purchase over all items (Cumulative Loyalty Points will be automatically applied for next shopping)
  3. Reward points of 5% to the buyer and 5% to the sponsor among the buying service fee of 10%.
  4. FREE SHIPPING: Immediately upon purchase of $ 79.99 or more. Free shipping when ordering with Happy Zone products (up to $ 15, not including heavy items)
  5. Prime Zone Connection: Prime Zone consists of brand products, adult products, and special diet products. Most prime zone products are free shipping.
  6. Guarantee of prime member's safe purchase: Provide customer protection such as re-distribution or half price compensation for prime member when customs clearance problem occurs
  7. You can promote your own URL: (URL Sample: www.hubutu.com/gildong123)

Providing us with your email address means we can send you two very important emails: one is a copy of the order that you place with us, and the other is a notification that your package has been shipped. We may also use email if it is necessary to contact you regarding your order. We will not send you spam emails, and we will not give your email address to anyone else.

Yes, the passwords of Hubutu and eMaxel are the same.
However, you can change each after signing in.
The e-Money transfer password of eMaxel is temporarily set to the end 4 digits such as your resident registration number or customs clearance number in the SSN column.

As soon as you have created your new account, you can have your own 'My ID' (=Referral Code) which is automatically generated with contains 6 digit of characters and numbers from hubutu.com. If you don’t like the given ID, you can have a new ID as you like by requesting via support@hubutu.com. Only in this case, the change of ID is allowed.

'My ID' will be used for your 'Referral Code' and your DINAMALL Sub-domian as well. EX) http://www.hubutu.com/red123

In Hubutu, email is essential information when you log in and you cannot change it yourself.
If you want to change for a special reason, please send your reason for the change and your new email address to support@hubutu.com to request a change in your email.

* If you are an eMaxel member, please let me know if you are an eMaxel member because you have to change the email address of eMaxel at the same time.

Simply log in to your account with your current password and click on the "Change Password" link. Then, enter your current password and your new password twice. Make sure to click "Update" in order to save the changes. When ordering in the future, log in to your account with your new password.

You can use the function of Password Search at the bottom of the login page. In order to use this function, your accurate e-mail address must have been entered in your personal information section. If you cannot get your password using the aforementioned method, please prepare the reason for your request for the password and send it to the Head Office via e-mail (support@hubutu.com).

We are absolutely safe because we treat members' card information and passwords as 'Encrypt'. We do not know, either. In some cases, inquiries have been made that HUBUTU seems to be stolen from card information after shopping, but that never happened.

*If you are registered as a prime member before March 30, 2015, please make sure that your password is the last 6 digits of your SSN or '123456'.

In “Hubutu”, your ID/username will be used as the role of the referral code.  This is a very useful marketing tool that helps you to recommend people.  From “My Account” at Shopping Mall, through option of invitation, you can send your unique ID to your many friends along with e-mail to numerous people at once.   In addition, through SNS, mobile messenger, internet cafe and blog, etc., you can inform your Referral ID or sub-domain address.  To promote, our recommendation includes, even in off-line, give your Referral ID or sub-domain address by hand writing to your friends and company’s co-workers.

“HUBUTU” will terminate or forcefully withdrawal an account from defective members or causes detriments to others for the following:

  • In the event of the same one person creating multiple accounts
  • In the event of recklessly creating a spam mail for advertisement or plastering the bulletin board causing inconvenience/difficulty for other users.
  • (The account will be seized after being warned three times)

When a member violates the terms and conditions of the relevant account, “HUBUTU” can withdrawal such account or the member of such account can withdraw him/herself. Should you seek to withdraw your account, you can request through support@hubutu.com.  Shopping points that have not been used for 365 days will be automatically deleted. 

No. It is against the rule in the United States that one member has multiple accounts in a company. Accordingly, a member is allowed to have only one account.

No, it's not possible.
Reward Point (RP) can not be transferred to others, so you can not upgrade your prime membership or purchase products with other members' Reward Points.

Yes. You can refer an unlimited number of people, and while you are a prime member, you can get reward points whenever you refer new prime members, and you can get reward points whenever they buy products from Hubutu.