Balmex, Adult Care Rash Cream (Soothes & Protects Skin) - 12 oz

Balmex, Adult Care Rash Cream (Soothes & Protects Skin) - 12 oz
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  • Active Guard - Neutralizes Irritants
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Works in One Use

Balmex Adult Rash Cream offers relief to those who deal with issues caused by bladder leakage or other condition where skin can become irritated due to constant contact with moisture and friction. In these situations, it it is necessary to both relieve the skin and deal with the cause in order to begin true healing. Care Balmex Rash Cream has been designed specifically to soothe inflamed skin while protecting it from the irritation, chafing and rash that are caused by bladder leakage. It's proven to work in just one use, so you will get almost immediate relief. The Balmex Cream features exclusive ActivGuard technology that neutralizes irritants. This cream is infused with Vitamin E, as well as zinc oxide that will help seal out wetness and prevent future rashes. It's also odor free.




Suggested Use: 
Gently cleanse affected skin. Pat dry with a clean, soft cloth or allow to air dry. Apply generously to affected area as needed, especially after incontinence episodes. Using a dry tissue to remove excess product from skin is most effective. 

Active Ingredients: Zinc Oxide (11.3%)

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Balmex, Adult Care Rash Cream (Soothes & Protects Skin) - 12 oz

민감한 피부을 위해!! | EKR441 1/10/2017

땀을 흘리면 피부에 민감하게 작용해 발진과 가려움증으로 힘든 상태였는데, 이 제품을 사용하고 많은 효과를 받았습니다. 좋아요

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얼굴의 트러블이나 뾰로지가 났을때 사용하니, 2일 안으로 그 증상이 사라졌어어. 빠른 효가가 정말 좋네요.

Great cream! | VGD204 7/26/2015

Helps prevent rashes and bed sores for someone who's bedridden.

빠른 효과!! | GWX692 5/29/2015

이 제품은 무취이며 작용이 뛰어납니다. 성인용 기저귀 발진의 증상을 신속하게 완화시켜주는 우수한 제품입니다