Capresso, Coffee Burr Grinder

Capresso, Coffee Burr Grinder
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  • 17 position burr grinder
  • Electronic timer
  • 1/2-pound bean container with automatic bean sensor
  • Auto Safety Shut-off
  • Removable burr for easy cleaning

Always the Correct Fineness for Espresso, Drip, French Press and Percolators

Consistent, uniform and fresh grinding for espresso machines, drip coffee makers and French press. The Capresso Coffee Burr Grinder with 17 grind settings allows for adjustment from coarse to fine for any brewing method.

Grinding fresh whole bean coffee immediately before brewing is the first step to achieving the best tasting coffee at home. Ground coffee interacts with the air around it and, within hours, loses a great deal of flavor and aroma. The longer the ground coffee is exposed to air the more flavor is lost and the rich, full-bodied taste of the coffee cannot be obtained.


How Things Work
Setting the Timer
The timer can be set to grind for 2 to 12 cups of brewed coffee. When grinding in the finest position, less coffee per second will pass through the grinder than when grinding in the coarsest setting. The amount of ground coffee varies quite a bit depending on how coarse or fine you grind and whether you use light, dry beans or dark, oily beans. After grinding a few times, you will find the correct grind amount position for the amount of coffee you want to grind. Remember, you can always stop the grinding process by simply pushing the on/off button.

Simplicity at its Best

  • Large 1/2-pound whole bean container with 5-oz ground coffee container with lid
  • 17 position grind selector delivers the correct fineness for espresso, drip, French press and percolators
  • Electronic timer lets you grind for 2 to 12 cups
  • Burr grinding wheels deliver the most consistent, uniform grinding
  • Removable upper burr for easy cleaning
  • Separate on/off button to stop grinding at any time or use for pulse grinding
  • Safety features include automatic stop when: bean container lid, ground coffee container or ground coffee container lid are not in 

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지금 적어도 2년 정도 사용 했는데 여전히 강하게 갈리고 아무 문제가 없습니다. 함께 제공되는 브러시로 청소를 할수 있어서 만족하며 디자인도 좋습니다.

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Wonderful! | LWC455 12/3/2016

I read all the negative complaints and bought this anyway. I like it just fine. It is attractive on the counter top and doesn't take up much space.