Dragon Herbs, Dragon Drops, Goji & Schizandra Drops - 2 fl oz (60 ml)

Dragon Herbs, Dragon Drops, Goji & Schizandra Drops - 2 fl oz (60 ml)
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  • Asia’s Original Superfood
  • Supertonic Herb
  • Five Flavors, Infinite Benefits
  • Super-concentrated Tincture
  • Blended with Goji Fruit & Wild Schizandra
  • Used by Billions of People Over the Period of Thousands and Years
  • Dietary Supplemen

Dragon Drops™ products are alcohol-and-water extracts of the highest quality tonic herbs in the world.  

Goji (Lycium) was the tonic of choice by the legendary "Herb King", Sun Si-Miao, who consumed Goji every day throughout his entire life. Despite his weak constitution, he became as famous for his longevity as for his contribution to Herbalism. 1500 years ago, when the average life span was only around 20 years, Sun Si-Miao lived to be 101 years old! Schizandra, the fruit of 5 flavors, is known to tonify all 3 Treasures, nurture all 5 elements, and enter all 12 meridians. Both herbs are superb on their own, but the two together are simply sublime.

Dragon Herbs® Goji & Schizandra Drops is the extraction of the very finest, freshly harvested wild Schizandra from Changbai Mountain in Manchuria, blended with an equal amount of premium organically grown Goji fruit from Heaven Mountain, the premier source of Goji in the world. This superb super-concentrated tincture will surprise you with its multi-textured flavor and wide range of benefits. This is a product that should be on everyone's home herb shelf or home elixir bar. This formulation is suitable for men and women, young or old. 

These are extracted with both water and alcohol to assure that all active substances are extracted from these rare and supremely potent herbs. No other herbal producer in the world utilizes these quality substances in such a broad-based line. Additionally, the Dragon Drops are much more highly concentrated than other brands, being "8:1" concentrates (eight pounds of herbs yield one gallon of extract), whereas most companies produce 1:1 or 2:1 extracts (much more diluted). 

The herbs are extracted in glass at low temperatures, and never touch metal. The high value of the herbs used, the rich concentration of the herbs, and the extraordinary technology used to produce these extracts, makes these products more effective than anything else available. One taste of any of Dragon Herbs' extracts, and you'll know the difference.

This superb super-concentrated tincture has multi-textured flavor & promotes a wide range of benefits.

  • Consuming Goji regularly helps you feel, look, and perform better on every level of life.
  • Goji has been used by billions of people over the period of thousands and years.
  • Goji benefits the liver & kidney, replenish vital essence, & supports eyesight.
  • Goji supports the serum levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD) & hemoglobin.
  • Goji berries support cardiovascular health, the functions of the pancreas & liver, immune functions, mood, & helps increase & sustain libido.
  • Goji is known as “Happy Fruit” in China. Consuming Goji berries for several months can significantly enhance people’s moods.
  • Goji berries have been considered to be a “magical” longevity herb & superfood since the dawn of Asian civilization.
  • Goji berries from Heaven Mountain are very sweet, have a rich delicious flavor, & are tender.
  • The most powerful Goji from a tonic perspective just happens to be the best tasting!
  • Cooking does not destroy the antioxidant activity of Goji. Both water & alcohol extracts have extraordinary antioxidant activity.
  • Goji berries have an anti-fatigue effect & may support better recovery after exercise.
  • Goji berries help prevent drying & wrinkling of the skin.
  • In Asia, millions of people consume Goji from the Heaven Mountains daily to retain their youthful appearance, energy, & youthful sex life.
  • Schizandra fruit, from the plant Schisandra chinensis, is “the herb that does it all.”
  • It develops and protects the primary energies of life.
  • Schizandra supports vitality & beauty when used regularly for some time, & promotes beautiful skin.
  • Schizandra is said to help purify the blood, support the mind, help maintain a strong memory, & help maintain sexual energy & functions in both men & women.
  • Schizandra has been used since the dawn of Chinese civilization as a tonic herb.
  • Schizandra tonifies all 3 treasures, enters all 12 meridians & nurtures all 5 elements.
  • Schizandra is mildly “calming” while producing wakefulness & focus.
  • Schizandra is detoxifying, healing, regenerative, & protective to the liver. 
  • Schizandra is famous for its ability to relieve sexual fatigue & for increasing the sexual staying-power in men.




Suggested Use:
3-12 squirts per day as desired.
Shake well before use.

Other Ingredients:
Water, alcohol (30% by volume)

Keep out of the reach of children

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Dropper 0.75 mL
Servings per Container: 80
  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Proprietary Extract Formula: Organic Changbai Mountain Northern Schizandra fruit (Wu Wei Zi), Heaven Mountain™ Goji berries (Lycium or Gou Qi Zi)   *
*Daily value not established.
Other Ingredients: Water and grain alcohol (30% by volume)