GoodNites, Tru-Fit Real Underwear with Nighttime Protection Starter Pack for Boys - 2 Underwear and 5 Disposable Inserts

GoodNites, Tru-Fit Real Underwear with Nighttime Protection Starter Pack for Boys - 2 Underwear and 5 Disposable Inserts
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  • Tru-Fit Underwear with Tru-Fit Absorbent Inserts = Outstanding Nighttime Protection.
  • Washable cotton blend underwear.
  • Body-hugging fit holds disposable, absorbent insert comfortably in place.
  • Machine-washable, soft, cotton-blend underwear
  • Can be folded and put in the dresser just like real underwear
  • Snug and comfortable elastic underwear waistband
  • Easy-to-replace absorbent inserts
  • Constructed with fully sealed seams to lock in leaks
  • Use only with GoodNites Tru-Fit Disposable Absorbent Inserts. 
  • Packaging may vary from image shown.

GoodNites Size S/M 38-65 lb. (17~29 kg) children (clothing sizes 4-8)
GoodNites Size L/XL 60-100+ lb. (27~45 kg) children (clothing sizes 8-14)

A Real Bedwetting Solution with Real Underwear

It can be hard sometimes to find a solution to nighttime bedwetting. GoodNites TRU-FIT* products are real underwear. They look, feel and fit like regular underwear, but when combined with disposable GoodNites TRU-FIT* Absorbent Inserts, they offer outstanding nighttime protection. GoodNites TRU-FIT* Underwear is nighttime underwear that can be washed, folded, and put right in the dresser with regular daytime underwear. GoodNites TRU-FIT* products are a discreet alternative to disposable nighttime underwear, training pants and bed mats.

Discreet Protection That Keeps Kids Confident

The GoodNites brand understands that there is a lot that goes with having a wet night. Besides washing the comforter, sheets, pillow and mattress covers, parents also have to worry about their child’s confidence. GoodNites TRU-FIT* products look like regular underwear and offer discreet protection, so the only ones who notice are you and your child.



Machine-washable cotton-blend underwear that stays soft.


Elastic Waistband
Elastic waistband stays comfortable and snug, wash after wash.


Absorbent Inserts
Easy-to-replace absorbent inserts provide a disposable option for these real underwear.


Sealed Seams
These underwear for boys lock in leaks with fully sealed seams.


Will GoodNites TRU-FIT* Enable Bedwetting?

GoodNites TRU-FIT* Underwear and Absorbent Inserts do not enable bedwetting. Children develop things like motor skills, language and even bladder control at different rates. Until then, GoodNites TRU-FIT* Underwear and Absorbent Inserts simply provide an easy way to manage bedwetting and help your child feel confident.

Are GoodNites TRU-FIT* Underwear Reusable?

Yes, GoodNites TRU-FIT* Underwear are machine-washable for repeated use. TRU-FIT* Absorbent Inserts should be disposed of nightly and cannot be washed.

Multiple Options for Overnight Protection

GoodNites TRU-FIT* Underwear helps give your child confidence and security to sleep through the night. However, if TRU-FIT* Underwear isn't the right answer for your family, try a completely disposable option in GoodNites Bedtime Pants. These disposable underwear for boys or girls are designed with absorption where each gender may need it, and can protect no matter the position he or she sleeps. We also have GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats for extra protection that adheres to your sheets and helps prevent accidents with a super absorbent core and leak barrier.